Le Griotte-Chambertin

Located between Charmes-Chambertin and Chapelle-Chambertin, separated from Clos de Bze by the Route des Grand Crus.

The soil is a not very deep covering on bajocian (very chalky rock with many fossils) and is irrigated by an intermittent spring. The vines plunge their roots sometimes to several meters of depth, generating a particular mineral perfume (iron oxide favours flavours of violet and liquorice).

Cepage: Pinot noir

Oak casks - approximately 30% new

The whole of 'Griotte' produces only 9 to 10,000 bottles.

The Wine:
Less vigourous than Chambertin, Griotte-Chambertin is a rare wine, with a ruby hue, sensuality, breeding and elegance; a confiture of cherry flavours, red fruits, licorice and spices - a mineral note too. It is a wine with round tannins that suit perfectly the natural low acidity of the climat. Soft in the mouth, it is opulent and glossy - a wine of silk and lace.